Fracta Passium: An Overview

Fracta Passium

Broken and Scattered

Game Overview

Shattered Spheres is a Science Fiction role playing/strategy game set in a far flung future. The 'object' of the game is to have fun, by taking part in a universe of unique nation-states and the astro-politics involved. The game is non-consent and each nation is able to affect those around it without permission, so far as its statistics and the code allow.

Inherent and integral to the game, is text based, forum centered role play. In joining Shattered Spheres, you take control of a Star-system and will portray its military and people, as well as develop them in an ever growing universe. A single game-turn is one year in the chronology of the Universe, allowing for epic, space opera wars where fleets clash and empires fall, as well as subtle intelligence campaigns or even conflict on an economic level where trade and resources become weapons.

The game system will cover the macro-level concepts of Military, Intelligence, Economic and Political Power, allowing people to build infrastructure, wage war, engage in shadow-ops or otherwise pursue nationalistic ideology through multiple means. There is no 'winning' the game. There is only having fun. Shattered Spheres is a turn-based game with built-in conflict resolution for player-to-player and player-to-non-player relations, from war to trade unions. A point-based system, gives a player a clear and concise idea of what his nation can do from the first moment.

Shattered Spheres, as a theme, is one of techno-industrial overtones. There is nothing smooth, nothing sleek. Ships are blocky, angular and patchworks of other ships. No new starships have been made in 500 years and the ones currently in use are cobbled together. Even the ships the Spacers Guild sells…are retrofitted older models. Small, compact. Submarines in space. This is not Star Trek or even Star Wars. There are worlds where industry is no more advanced than sailing ships and coal stoves, and there are worlds where even those are horribly advanced.

There are rumors of Core Worlder ships the size of cities and almost magical super-weapons that can barely fit through a manifold, but no one can claim to have actually seen one, and these are entirely unsubstantiated.

Game Setting

The game setting, backstory and history can be found here:

Game History

The Empires, Republics, Commonwealths, Guilds and other factions of the Shattered Sphere can be found here:


Astro-Cargography; There are currently 165 systems hooked back into the Manfold Grid, but it's said that there were thousands during the Great Republic. Below is the current Spacer Guild web map. This map is subject to revision and the Spacers Guild is not responsible for people being stupid and will not be held liable for your ignorance.

Game Map

The system used in Shattered Spheres is a custom creation, focusing on a macroscopic look at politics, war and economics. We don't track dollars or credits, but instead, we look at the expressions of power a nation can make. The System for the game, how it operates in conflict and how to build your nation can be found here:

Game System

Game Status

Testing Phase

As of right now, Players are being accepted, up to 15 Major factions and unlimited minor factions. All rules or statistics are subject to change with very little warning, but no rule will be implemented unless there is at least 2 weeks for player to review them. See the FAQ for more information

To Join the Game.

To join, you will need to join our web-forums. There is a link in the left hand sidebar. Join, post in the welcome thread about yourself.

You will need a paragraph or so of basic factional information, like what's displayed on the factional page. You will need to request a few worlds. You may not start with all requested worlds. This is not a game in which players will be 'good' or even 'capable' in all areas. High technology is rare and you may not get everything you ask for. You will be asked to create a wiki page on our factions page, to let others know about your nation. Expand this page regularly with information you develop about your people. This is not a war simulation, but a roleplaying game and your wiki is your character.

Given the ability to build and expand in this game, it is policy that players start small. It is easier to err on the side of caution than to hand out enormous empires at the outset.

To join the Wiki

Follow the link in the sidebar and use the Password of 'sphere'. This will allow you access to immediate editing for your nation page.

Shattered Spheres and Fracta Passium are copyright James Walker, 2007. Both the setting and the adjudication system are a work of Mr. Walker that draws inspiration and ideas from many sources. Individual players of the game are individual copywrite holders of their individual works. The SS logo is copyright Tommy Ho, 2007

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