Assets And Infrastructure

Section 1: Assets and Infrastructure

Solar Systems (Infrastructure)

A System, in the gears of the game, consists of three very simple concepts which are called Infrastructure. They represent the strength of the system in question and are used to arbitrate the various challenges which face the system.

  • System Security: A measure of your systems integrity and resistance to penetration by outside assets. This represents your every day level of awareness. It can be augmented temporarily by putting your Intelligence Networks to 'Defend' this system
  • System Defense: A measure of your systems defensive structure, how hard you would be to invade or otherwise affect. It can be augmented temporarily by putting your Military to 'Defend' this system
  • Economic Strength: A measure of how abundant and robust your planetary economy is, and how resistant to damage it is. Higher resource levels will allow a greater level of resource traits. This can be augmented temporarily by putting your Production Capacity to 'defend' this system. This does not raise resource traits, however.

These basic statistics take in to account the entire solar system of a planet, not the planet itself.

Resource Traits

The more robust an economy, the more diverse a range of products it can produce. As such, Economic Strength in a given star system will grant access to various resources. The more strength you have, the more diverse and healthy your economy. This is represented in six different resources, each corresponding to a different asset or infrastructure to build. Those resources are Technology, Labor, Minerals, Energy, Industry and Liquid Resources. See the BUILD action entry for further information.

Each system with a whole number (Above zero) in its Economic Strength infrastructure will possess resources equal to its economic strength. While these resources may not be 'banked' or 'stored', they may be traded to other players, they may be used to augment research or may be required to deal with various random events or hardships that may come in to being.

Star-Nations (Assets)

A ‘Star Nation’ has three separate statistics that are very simple as well. These are referred to as 'Assets' and represent the ability of your government to reach out and affect other nations and to also build your own nation. This is the power and strength of your government. Assets are used to take ACTIONs.

  • Military Might. This is your ability to project your military force beyond your own borders. Garrisons and planetary defense are not counted here. This is ships, fighters, marines and the like. When deployed against another system, that system defends with its System Defense statistic.
  • Intelligence Networks . Spies and informants, black operations and other clichés fall in to this area, and it can be a cutthroat world. Success or failure depends often on a strong Intelligence Arm more than a strong army. When deployed against another system, that system defends with its System Security statistic.
  • Industrial Capacity. This is the relative size of your national economy and how you can bring economic pressure to bear. When deployed against another system, that system defends with its Economic Strength statistic.

Asset Support

A society may support a certain number of National Assets depending on its Economic Strength, equal to Its total (All planets added together) Economic Strength x 1.5, rounded up.

Jon controls Huttons Lament, X213 and Nowhere, with a combined Economic Strength of 10. He can, for ‘free’, field up to 15 points of National Assets, be they Military Strength, Intelligence Networks or Production Capacity.

If these supported forces are lost in an attack on foreign holdings, (enemy planet or target), they will be rebuilt after a one turn hiatus, free of charge. (Turn 1: Lost in Combat. Turn 2: Offline. Turn 3: Back online, able to be used.)

If these supported forces are lost in an attack on your own holdings, such as a hardship, or are lost in defense of your own holdings from outside attack, they will be returned to active duty at the beginning of the next turn, though they can only be used for ‘DEFEND’ actions. (Turn 1: Lost In Combat. Turn two: Online and available for DEFEND only. Turn 3: Available for all actions)

A Star-Nation may build more assets than this base support level, but they will not be refreshed in the same way should they be lost in combat, and must be rebuilt from scratch. Infrastructure is not repaired in this fashion, and must be rebuilt. As a result of Infrastructure destruction, the total supported assets of a nation may slide.

Asset points, Boons and Actions

Asset points allow players to take Actions, such as building, research, attacks, seizing or anything else listed under ACTIONS. A player make make as many actions as he or she likes, so long as he or she has the Asset points to fund the actions. For example, if a player has 5 Military Action points, he or she may take up to five 1-point attack actions, or he may take a one 3-point attack and two 1-point attacks, or any other combination of actions that adds up to the asset total.

Boons add to actions already underway and cannot be used to initiate actions.

Example: Jackson uses his 4 points of Military Might to initiate the following actions

ATTACK CAMEL BACK with 2 Points of Military Might

ATTACK SOPWITH with 1 Point Military Might aided by Special Forces boon (Total power: 2)

DEFEND JACKSONS HOUSE with 1 point Military Might aided by Defensive Formations (total power: 2)

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