The Potentate of Boday

A rather interesting world, Boday is mostly covered in water and thusly prone to massive tropical storms. A line of islands extends across the equator, with a tropical climate. Ice exists at the poles and otherwise, temperature and climate match that of Sol3 nicely.

Primitive technology is well preserved here, with sail powered watercraft being the predominant means of travel. No major industry exists on this world, though there is a prodigious fishing sector. They do maintain space based forces on one of the moons surrounding the system that can repel small assaults. They also maintain a department of internal security that is very robust in its monitoring of the leading clans power.

The world is ruled by a council of tribal/clan leaders who seem to be concerned more with its own status in power, than anything else. Headed by a Potentate, there appear to be some 20 different clans.

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