Brotherhood Of Slovinu

The Brotherhood Of Slovinu was a terrorist and pro-Slavic organisation on Earth, near the begining of humanities outwards expansion. They fought against the encroaching forces of the global cosmopolitanism that Earth was undergoing at the time, that was slowly earasing cultural bariers and distingishing traits. The Brotherhood found it unacceptable that the Slavic people, being of course of noble and great stock, should suffer the same fate as these lesser cultures that would slowly be absorbed by the single global 'mono-culture'.

They fought against the global, and colonial governments, causing great destruction and suffering. They fought hard, and long, but in the end, the forces against them were simply too great. In the end, their crusade for cultural preservation was stopped, and they were presented with the ultimatum; convert, or get out.

They chose to leave Earth, along with a small fraction of their strongest supporters who would make the journey. And together they traveled the manifolds for generations, slowly making their way away from human colonisation, until they reached Rodina. Where upon seeing its closeness to their former home, at least, as they remembered it, they settled there. The racial destinctions that still survived thanks to language and culture, settled in the places that made them most comfortable.

The brotherhood helped with the settling of the planets, and in their administration for a time, but the political structure was too weak, and was in the end, dismanteled to be replaced by the Tsardom.

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