Chernye Gory

The Chernye Gory or 'Black Mountains' refers to the Industrial sector of the first planet, Novyjdom, in the Rodina System. The name comes from the fact that during the sundering, much of the technological prowess that the manifolds societies once enjoyed was destroyed, leaving the gargantuan production needs of the Slavs to essentially high and dry.

With few options left, and billions of lives hanging in the balance, they had to revert to much older technologies to continue to function, at least temporarially. Coal and oil were some such technologies. Great black clouds of soot and ash poured from the factories day and night as they worked to produce the goods that the Tsardom required. Within months, great swathes of the area became blackend and dark, and from the distance, the hundreds of kilometers of factories bore the impression of great black mountains. The name has stuck, even though with time, much of the pollution has been repelled.

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