The Co-Dominion of Columbia and Esperença

Player: Charles Buechner

Military Might: Robust
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust


The Co-Dominion's history begins in the late 21st century, when the American and Brazilian governments inaugurated a combined space program that did not come to fruition until a full understanding of the manifolds and their purpose. After several more years of preparations, culmination of those suitable to spaceflight, and much training, 75,000 colonists were sent of in three separate ships. Jokingly referred to as the Pinta, Niña and Santa Maria, they were each equipped with four times the supplies required to propagate survival as, despite early reconnaissance missions, there was no definite destination not time parameter. After several months of jumping, the three ships finally stumbled upon Hades, the first system to be linked with no planets capable of supporting life. Early analysis proved the sediment of many planetary bodies within the system were rich in various types of ore and minerals. One manifold away was the lush (and aptly named) Tigris system, which contained only three small planets, later named the sun (a class G star), Columbia (after the explorer, and the poetic name of the United States), and its satellite, Esperença (the Portuguese word for 'hope').

The Pinta and Niña landed on Columbia, carrying a majority of the American (and summarily, Caucasian) population, and the Santa Maria crashed on the surface of Esperença after a series of mistranslations between the three ships. For several decades, the societies developed separately until communications were reestablished. Despite harsh conditions on Esperença, the remaining survivors had managed to establish a meager colony as well as several farms. Those on Columbia were much more lucky: its rich, Earth-like conditions made it perfect for agricultural settlements, a fact they had taken full advantage of. It would take even more time until connection with their home territories could be established. Upon receiving their call of success, the American government sent a large shipment of supplies necessary to propel them back into space and create a true home away from home. Eventually, however, requests for further shipments went unanswered, and signals were often times blocked. The future Co-Dominion had unknowingly stumbled into the age of war.

While other planets floundered in the destruction of war, the Co-Dominion quickly rose to power once actual freight movement could be made between the two planets in the Tigris system. A transitional government was established to regulate the heavy mining and industrialization taking place on Esperença, not just for construction and manufacture, but to fuel the ships that would take ambitious entrepreneurs and workers into the Hades system to reap the bounty it so openly offered. Finally, the launchpad was set and the first flights to hell itself were made; few returned, but those who did were treated like gods. They did not come back empty handed, and the goods the brought with them would continue to assist in the construction of more ships for the workers and more homes for the booming population. On Esperença, the land was slowly wearing away and the settlers were dwindling as more and more migrant peasants were shipped to Columbia to begin their lives as miners, working for the upstart companies forming around the prospects of success Hades presented. It was at this time racism became more and more prevalent, and the white majority (and in some cases, even the black and Asiatic minorities) looked down upon their Hispanic counterparts, who fled their distraught homeland in hope of a brighter future.

When the Sundering occurred, Columbia fell into a state of emergency: the economy collapsed almost completely, and the now-established Co-Dominion government was left with few options but to begin the rationing of every commodity available. The call went out to Esperença to once again fuel the Columbian home world with their remaining resources and food stocks. They refused, and cut off most communication with their counterparts. The Co-Dominion Sector Authority immediately issued to sending of soldiers to the planet to reacquisition control of their limited supplies. The Rape of Esperença as it became known, was the forceful requisitioning of several tons of coal, iron, silicon, grains and other perishable food stocks. A number of rebel groups formed to fight the stealing of their property, but they were quietly snuffed out. On Columbia, the populations' lust for food and the essentials was temporarily satiated. But up to ten million would die in total, from warfare, famine and disease. What most historians find ironic is the fact all of this took place in a veritable paradise, where mass farming operations could have easily been established, even in such a deprived state. The Co-Dominion government had grudgingly accepted this fact.

Following the Sundering, the economy gradually rebuilt itself, and once again, trade and mining operations in Hades continue to spread like wildfire. Racist sentiment broods among Columbians and Esperenços alike, even several years after the events that took place on the now deathly hollow planet of Esperença.



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