Combat Resolution

Section 4: Conflict Resolution


Combat is a simple thing, based on simple numbers. Combat is a catch all term for when national interests, be it production, intelligence or military, collide. There are two kinds of combat: Attack and Seizure.

On the attack

To do damage to the enemy, you must ‘overcome’ the enemy defense in point value. Failure to do so will result in 25% chance that a point will be removed from the asset being attacked with. Should you succeed, 1 point will be removed from the enemy target for every 3 points of excess force you deploy, starting with a base 1 for simple success.

Jon targets Huttons Lament with a 7 point Intelligence attack, aimed at Hutton’s Lament’s Economic Resources. Huttons Lament has a Planetary Security of 5, which is used to defend against Intelligence based attacks.

7 to 5 is a Victory for Jon’s spies. As a result, with a simple success, Huttons Lament loses 1 point of Economic resources. This drops it to a 5 from the previous 6 level it had held. This has the side effect of wrecking Huttons Laments ability to produce Technology resources for trade. This seriously wounds Jack, the player of Huttons Lament.

On the Seizure

In order to size a planet or other target from another player or power, a seizure order must be given. To succeed, the order must have enough points in it to overcome any remaining defenders to the target. Every 2 points added to the seizure over ‘victory’ will destroy 1 point of planetary defense and the planet will become the property of the seizing player. Any undestroyed planetary defense will convert to a Hardship (planetary uprising) with a value of the undestroyed defense.

Combat Losses

In combat, there is a measure of risk. When you attack or seize, or are attacked or there is an attempt to seize, there is always the chance, victory or loss, that you will lose forces in combat..

Victory: 30 Percent chance of a combat loss.
Defeat: 60 Percent chance of a combat loss. This may be infrastructure if you are on the defense.

No matter how many attacks or defenses take place on a single world on a single turn, no more than 1 point may be deducted from a National Asset (Not infrastructure) unless it is engaged in several battles. A National Asset can lose multiple points if it attacks or defend several worlds simultaneously. It is very easy to maul a nations assets with concerted, multi front attacks.

If a nation possesses, after losses are applied, more assets than its Economic Resources can support, these losses are destroyed and must be rebuilt as per ‘Build’ actions

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