Confederate Army of Crossroads


The Confederate Army is the military services of the Confederation of Crossroads. Informally it is usually simply known as the Army, or the Guard, based on one of its branches' name. Its duty is to defend the Confederation and project its power wherever and whenever other methods have failed. It has the legal ground to be used both domestically and abroad. The Confederate Army is divided into two main branches:

  • The Confederate Guard
  • The Confederate Navy

The Navy is even more divided into two sub-branches: the Fleet and the Marines Division.

These branches are fully autonomous but under civilian control with the President serving as symbolic commander-in-chief. The actual civilian individuals in charge of the army are the Vice-President and its Defence Committee Chairperson. The military leadership is held by the Confederate Joint Staff, composed of five individuals (listed by their order in the chain of command):

  • The Confederate Chief of Staff
  • The General-Guardian (Chief of the Guard)
  • The Chief of Space Operations1
  • The Chief of the Fleet
  • The General-Marine (Chief of the Marines)

Each member of the Joint Staff leads its own departmental staff and is sole responsible for its branches' operations.


The Confederate Army was founded in late RM 3 with the official merger of all member states' armies. A deep symbolic gesture it shown the common will of Crossroads' leaders to put their defence under a single, common rule. Creating a common army is still seen as a major integrationist success

Personnel & Materiel


Approximately 65,000 personnel are currently on active duty in the military with an additional 10,000 support personnel. It is a volunteer military, there is no conscription on confederate level. Women are allowed to serve in every combat assignments and non-combat specialties. The rosters for each category are :

  • Guard active personnel : 50,000
  • Guard support personnel : 5,500
  • Fleet active personnel : 2,880
  • Fleet support personnel : 3,000
  • Marines active personnel : 12,000
  • Marines support personnel : 1,800
  • Total active personnel : 64,880
    • Women percentage : 44.1%
  • Total support personnel : 10,300
    • Women percentage : 57.2%
  • Total personnel : 75,180
    • Women percentage : 45.9%


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