President of the Confederation

The President is the Confederation of Crossroads' head of state. The office only has a representative role and is appointed by the Confederate Council. Only head of states from member states can run for the presidential position and some rotation is guaranteed as not President can run for two consecutive terms. The term's length is two and a half standard year.

Usually limited to its representative role the president is however able to take part into actual policy-making if the individual in charge is showing strong resolution and will and also if the President and the Vice-President share good relations.


Current President

  • Name: Odin Flemks
  • Title: First Tribune of Serin (RM 10 to RM 16)
  • Born: September 6, RM -26
  • Citizenship: Serin
  • Spouse: Majida Flemks, née Gorunn
  • Children: 2 (born RM -2 and RM 1)
  • Profession: Jurist

Odin Flemks was surprisingly elected on a platform for more integration in the Confederation and the following of a more democratic, equalitarian agenda. His friendship to Vice-President Travisov was probably a boon during the electoral process as for the duration of his term.

History of the Presidency

  • RM 2 to RM 3: His Highness Henri the Bold, Constitutional Prince of Urboon City.1
  • RM 3 to RM 4 (h)2: Her Excellency Kristinë Van Kruggen, Burgmesterin of Nieuw-Brugge.3
  • RM 4 (h) to RM 7: His Majesty, Master of all seas, Chen Kim, Third of the name, King of Tchuan.
  • RM 7 to RM 9 (h): Mister Jesobath Delion, Prime-Minister of Sandra City.
  • RM 9 (h) to RM 12: Her Royal Majesty, Elder above Elders, Darya the Eleventh, Duchess of Farahtel and Sainte-Mère-des-Eaux.
  • RM 12 to RM 14 (h) : His Excellency Odin Flemks, First Tribune of Serin.
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