Vice-President of the Confederation

The Vice-President is the Confederation of Crossroads' head of government. The office of Vice-President is the most powerful one in the Confederation, as the Vice-President is in charge of conducting government’s policy and is controlling the confederate budget.

The Vice-President is elected trough indirect suffrage in a two turn election, for a five years term. Citizens of every member states will elect1 an Electoral College that will then vote for the candidates to the Vice-Presidency. Members of this College are called Esteemed Voters and will display their support for one particular candidate to the Vice-Presidency so they can be elected to the College. Electoral campaign thus mixes the Esteemed Voters’ campaigns with the Vice-President candidates’ ones.

The Vice-President is the acting head of government and is thus presiding over all governmental matters. The government is composed of 20 members who are selected by the Confederate Council and hold the title of Committee Chairman/woman. The Vice-President and Chairpersons perform a weekly general meeting and often meet on informal basis to streamline the political process.


Current Vice-President

  • Name: Michal Travisov
  • Title: Doctor of Philosophy in political sciences, RM -25
  • Born: December 8, RM -51
  • Citizenship: Spacers’ State
  • Spouse: Irina Travisov née Kalienevich
  • Children: 3 (born RM -25, -22 and -19)
  • Profession: Politician

Dr. Michal Travisov has been an influent spacer politician since the 20’s pre-manifold era, occupying several important positions into the State’s government over years. He was a crucial partner in the negotiating team that took part in the Confederation creation on behalf of the Spacers and since these days enjoyed a vast relation network spreading over Panthal. His pro-integration stance has however brought to him many enemies and he had been forced to moderate the pace of political integration he would have liked to follow during his term.

History of the Vice-Presidency

  • RM 2 to RM 4 : Alexis Ulric Surren.2 (Urboon City citizen)
  • RM 4 to RM 9 : Dr. Adeel Kawashanga. (Modjen citizen)
  • RM 9 to RM 14 : Dr. Michal Travisov. (Spacer citizen)
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