The Fenna of Fiona

Fiona is a system of total war. Fiona is a system that is an astro-cartographal anomaly, the home world of Fiona I is only one of three life bearing planets in the system. With nineteen different major orbiting bodies and five asteroid belts, this system is a navigational nightmare. The Spacers Guild maintains quarantine on the system, checking all traffic in and out thoroughly to prevent contamination.


Before the Sundering, Fiona I housed a research and development center for the Republican Marines as well as a very large penal colony housing some of the republics most hard-bitten criminals. The Marines performed various experiments on ‘voluntary’ subjects from the prison, trying to create what could be called bionic warriors, part machine and part man. The status of this project was unknown at the time of the sundering.

Sometime after the Sundering, a Xenoform (referred to as the ‘Fomor’ by the Fenna) appeared on Fiona II and quickly overwhelmed the sparse defenders of that agricultural world. Fiona III, with its wide open plains and lush orchards, fell after a hard fight. The only human inhabited world that remains today is Fiona I, a hard and craggy world that is almost inhospitable.

After the fall of Fiona II and with it, the death of the majority of the Marine Garrison, the Fenna were activated. The Fenna are the product of the Marine Research Project, mountains of men in steel bodies. Originally a thousand men strong, this unit has dwindled over the centuries of the Sundering to barely one hundred men. Every last resource of Fiona is dedicated to fighting the Fomor and maintaining the small hold on the system that Humanity retains.

Fiona I itself has regressed to a medieval agrarian technology level save for military, in which massive ammunition plants still churn out Republican Standard Combat Rounds and the occasional new vehicle for Fenna uses. The Fenna are ruled by someone calling himself simply the 'O'Rourke', an armored man who speaks slowly and does nothing in haste.

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