Fortese Sigurvetmi

Fortese Sigurvetmi, sometimes Sigurvetmi, or just 'the Fort' for short, is a former Military outpost in the Rodina system, that orbits the Gas Giant, Madhshok.



The history of Fortese Sigurvetmi begins, like everything else in the Tsardom, with the expulsion of many of the Slavic, and near-Slavic peoples from Earth because of their resistance to the growing cosmopolitanism of the planets world government.

After the generations of wandering that the lanes of space, they finally came across Rodina. While the other races began to settle on the planets of the system, the Albanians imposed upon themselves an exile to the edges of the system where they would orbit the gas giant Madhshok. For some, the way of life of the stars had simply become normal, and for others they simply disered the privacy.

At first, the ships that the Albanians had made their way across the galaxy in were simply teathered together to act as a great ark of people. When conditions finally became unlivable in this ark. The Albanians looked to their only bretheren, the Slavs for help. They could not return to the dirt of planets anymore, but they could no longer live in the filth of this decrepit ships.

The answer was a simple one; they would have to build somewhere new to live. With this in mind, the greatest minds of the Slavic people came together to create something that their people could be proud of. After generations of wandering, a project of epic proportions was something to sooth busy hands.

Using the vast mineral wealth of the Rodina system, asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies were harnessed, by the Slavs, for the construction of a great, new, home for their Albanian brothers and sisters. Blood, sweat and tears went into its construction, and continue to be remembered to this day.

With the stations completion, it was christened 'Fortese Sigurvetmi', honouring the fact that it was a literal fortress of construction and ingenuity, and that it would finally provide the safety that they had sought for so long.



The Economy of Fortese Sigurvetmi is at the moment, in rather sad shape. Due to its relative isolation from the rest of the system the people of the station tollerate a somewhat lower standard of living to that of Novyjdom and the other planets. Though, in the years since the reopening of the manifolds, this has emproved somewhat.

Thanks to its suitability as a trade station within the system, it is expected that the location of Sigurvetmi will assist in raising the standard of living for the people there. Already the station is recieving large amounts of traffic from the ships traveling through the system, and Rodina's position as a major trade hub in the region has continued to bloster and grow this.

The Gas Giant of Madhshok, which Fortese Sigurvetmi orbits, has virtually unlimited resouces that are essentially untapped. As new technologies and capital funnel into the system, it is likely that large scale exploitation of these resources can begin.

If current trends continue, then it is expected that Sigurvetmi will grow to become quite a prosperous portion of the Tsardom, with its strong potential as a trade center within the system, and its large reserves of gasses and other resouces near by.


Because of their expulsion from Earth, all those millenia ago, the Albanian people of Fortese Sigurvetmi have developed something of a isolationist view on the universe. The shock of leaving the earth, with the people they had at one point fought has lefWt a distinct impression upon those who continue to call themselves Albanians. Though originally, records and both historical and cultural suggest that the Albanian people of old Earth, long before the discovery of the Manifolds, were actually a differentiated ethnic group from the Slavic Peoples.

But since the Exodus they have since redefined their cultural attachments and inserted themselves as one of the Slavic peoples. This self examination and redifinement has created some rifts within the Albanian society, between those who are now fully inserted into the Slavic society, and those who still wish, after thousands of years, to consider themselves a seperate people.


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