Game System

The System of Shattered Spheres

Section 1: Assets and Infrastructure

In this section you can find the basic statistics and systems used in the Shattered Spheres strategic game system.

Assets and Infrastructure

Section 2: Actions

In this section, we discuss the nature of Actions, what they can do, how to use them and what affects them. This is the crunchy section of the rules.


Section 3: Diplomacy and Trade

This section deals with relations between the star nations of the manifold grid and how they interact with each other.

Diplomacy and Trade

Section 4: Combat Resolution

Here is where you learn how combat and conflict are decided.

Combat Resolution

Section 5: Politics and Influence

in this section we discuss the influence system and how to use it.

Politics and Influence

Section 6: Other Stuff

This is the catch all area for Boons, hardships, optional rules and technology levels.

Other Stuff

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