Helo Society

Helos are the laborers of the Daimos Imperium and they make up the vast majority of the population. Despite this, Helos have almost no political power or influence. Their society is rigidly structured and controlled by the Ephors.

Life as a Helo

Living Conditions

Helos live very simple lives. Helos live in immense barracks, sleeping on bunk beds in large rooms with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of other Helos. They have very few personal possessions, usually some clothes (though they are always the same design as every other Helo's clothes), snacks, and an electronic device for games and news from the Imperium Bulletin Service, which is largely a propaganda tool. They eat in large mess halls, use communal bathrooms, and spend their down time in group lounges. A Helo is almost never alone, which is a means of control, preventing them from privately conspiring against the Ephors or having time for distractionless contemplation.

A Helo's daily routine consists of waking up, eating breakfast, going to work, taking a midday break for lunch, returning to the barracks, having dinner, spending a short period on recreation, then going to sleep.

Gender Separation

The sexes are strictly separated among the Helos. After the age of 6, most Helos will almost never see a person of the opposite sex. Generally the only time a male Helo will see a female Helo is during his annual examinations, since all medical personnel in the Imperium are female. Other than those working in the medical field, most females will never see a male in their lives.

The separation of the sexes is another method of control. The separation prevents Helos from developing romantic relationships since homosexuality (it is believed) has been eliminated from Daiman gene pool. The separation also prevents "primitive" sexual reproduction. All reproduction is handled in the Imperium by birthing facilities, in which children are grown in maturation chambers. Sexual reproduction is considered imperfect because the genetic makeup of the offspring is random and may lead to defects.

Jobs are divided between the sexes, based on which sex Daiman scientists believe is better suited to a particular task. Jobs requiring strength like agriculture and construction are given to males, while those requiring multitasking or a soft touch, such as medicine and child rearing, are given to females. Because of genetic engineering, Daiman males are larger in comparison to Daiman women than typical human males are to females. This is due to the engineering of larger, stronger males that are better suited to hard physical labor.

Genetic and Chemical Control

Helos are controlled through a number of genetic and chemical methods. They are genetically engineered to produce an over-abundance of the monoamine oxidase enzyme that regulates anger and violent behavior, making them "naturally" easy to cow and control. Helos are also engineered to have average or even below average intelligence in order to keep them from understanding their oppression.

Anti-depressants and other mood-altering drugs are incorporated into their daily food supply, making Helos less likely to respond negatively to their environment and preventing them from feeling emptiness, dissatisfaction or a lack of purpose in their lives. In addition, dopamine capsules are ingested at the beginning of a Helo’s workday and are programmed to release their contents whenever a Helo achieves a work-related task. This makes success in the workplace the most pleasurable experience a Helo can have, particularly since Helos are also fed a drug to render them impotent.

Because it is critical that Helos maintain a certain level of these drugs in their systems, their waste is carefully monitored daily for the presence of these drugs.

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