Hydra Class

The Hydra Class is a class of small sized ships designed during the late days of the Republic to fulfil essentially patrol duties. About 750 of these ships were built before the Sundering, some have survived intact, some were retrofitted and some were salvaged to build other ships.

The Hydra class is officially manifold-capable but barely used in this way due to its relative short-range capacities.


All statistics below are for a standard Hydra class ship. Ships used during the RM era may largely differ from these statistics.

  • Manufacturer: Titan Shipyards, Sol I
  • Model: Patrol Craft
  • Length: 102m
  • Power plants: 1x Advanced Nuclear Fission Reactor (secondary plant, engine used as main power source)
  • Engines: 1x Hydrogen-Plasma Fusion Engine
  • Max. Acceleration: ~ 1,900 G
  • Crew: 30
  • Weaponry and defence systems:
    • 1 Missile battery (with 45 missiles)
    • 2 Point-Defence anti-missile turrets
    • Titanium alloy reactive armour
  • Sensors systems:
    • Long, medium and short-range RADARS
    • Optical sensors (Visible and Infrared spectrum)
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