Imperium Time

The Daimos Imperium uses a metric time system, based on the number of days since the creation of the Imperium some 500 Earth years ago.

One Imperium day is equal to 32 Earth hours, the time it takes Daimos to complete one orbit of Evaltis. Each day is divided into 10 hours, each hour is 100 minutes, and each minute is 100 seconds, so one Imperium second is equal to 1.152 Earth seconds.

There are 100 days in an Imperium month, and 10 months in an Imperium year. An Imperium year is roughly 3.65 Earth years.

Imperium time is generally written as a decimal number, where the whole number portion is the number of days since the Imperium was founded. For example, Imperium date 145492.40625 is roughly (down to the second) the Imperium date and time equal to 12:00:00 am on January 1, 1 RM.

Units of Time

The Imperium has had two sets of terms for the units of time in Imperium time. The first set was taken directly from Greek, but was later abandoned for a set of units based on Imperium System (metric) units in an attempt to standardize time measurement with other types of measurements. This set of units ran into difficulties because there is no unit in the Imperium System for 1/100,000, which represents seconds in the Imperium Time system, so "seconds" were referred to as "decamicromeres", which over time was shortened to "decromeres".


1 lepto (minute) = 100 defterolepta (seconds)
1 ora (hour) = 100 lepta
1 mera (day) = 10 ores
1 minas (month) = 100 meres
1 etos (year) = 10 mines


1 decamicromera (decromera) = 1/100000 mera
1 millimera = 1/1000 mera
1 decimera = 1/10 mera
1 hectomera = 100 meres
1 kilomera = 1000 meres


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