Lingallis is the language of the Daimos Imperium. It is an English/Greek/Latin creole. The word "Lingallis" comes from the Latin words "lingua" (meaning "language") and "formalis" (meaning "standard").


  • Adjectives are placed after the word being modified.

Common words in Lingallis

  • abyssus - "hell"
  • amicus - "friend"
  • chairetisma - "salutations", a formal greeting
  • hetairos - "comrade"
  • mikros - "lessers"
  • perilypos - "sorry"
  • sungnostos - "forgiven"
  • therapeytis - "healer", term for a doctor
  • vae - "damn", a curse
  • vero - "indeed, of course, certainly", a typical affirmation used by Stratoi
  • vitabrogos - "life taker", derogatory term for Examiners
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