Minor Power Relations


  • Enraged – usually reserved for enemies that have committed atrocities against you
  • Engaged – This state is used when there is active hostilities going on and supersedes all other status. While this is going on, no trade nor diplomacy other than ‘armistice’ may take place.
  • Hostile – if violent conflict has not already ensued, it is likely and imminent
  • Aloof- indicates a general breakdown in relations that may deteriorate if left unresolved
  • Neutral – relations between this House and your own are neither good nor bad
  • Receptive – successful past contacts have engendered warm feelings for this power
  • Cordial – diplomatic expectations are high and dealings are generally successful
  • Friendly – very good relations overcome most, if not all, misunderstandings
  • Reverential – indicates a profound respect and adoration for this power. Usually reserved for vassal states or those about to become them.
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