The Nebula Colony

The Nebula Colony

Player: Aeil

Military Might: Anemic
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust

Nebula 2 is a largely agricultural world, sparsely populated but home to vast farms. It was long a source of food and medicines for many surrounding systems, back before the Sundering. Working in its fields are a species of sentient but "primitive" aliens known as "Mutes" because they cannot speak. Found nowhere else in the galaxy, these aliens were brought to Nebula 2 by traders and sold into slavery. Today, they make up 4/5 of the planet's population, yet still serve the human population.

To its human population, Nebula 2 is a utopia. The planet's abundant wealth, earned from the hard labors of the Mutes, has served to allow the humans of Nebula 2 to live a privileged lifestyle in a communistic society, seeking achievements in art, literature, culture, education, and technology. With little defensive infrastructure to speak of, the Nebula Colony relies on diplomacy and wealth to make friends and keep it safe from those who seek to take its riches by force.

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