Novyjdom is the largest and most populous planet in the Rodina system, and is also the capital planet of the Tsardom of United Slavs. It is ruled by the Commissar of Novyjdom who carry's out the administrative tasks of that the Podkomissiya-Cari of the races inhabbiting the planet have assigned to him.

The planet is made up of a single large, essentially flat continent, disignated Dazhbogk, in honour of the old Slavic pagon gods. Dazhbogk is situated for the most part in the middle of the world, and enjoys a rather temperate disposition, which has greatly contributed to the agriculture of the world, and subsiquently, its population.



Like all the planets in the Rodina system, Novyjdom is defined by the races that inhabit it. Thanks to similar geographic and temperature peramaters, the planet was settled by, Russians, Bulgarians, and Belorussians. All three, it is hypothesised enjoyed similar climates and geographic surroundings back on Sol 1, and so when Novyjdom was discovered, they were quite happy to make their new home here.




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