O.P.C. Military Forces

The military of the Coalition is almost entirely made up of salvaged Republic vessels, pieced together with rudimentary repacements from the old storge yards on Thelatair. These vessels are used mainly to police the Coalition's spaceways. Their ground forces, however, have a much less unified appearance. As each planet is charged with creating their own contribution to the Coalition Marines, each Marine Division greatly varies in appearance and equipment.

Coalition Navy

The Navy is the main military arm of the Coalition. While most naval personnell are recruited from their home planet and go through Coalition-run Naval Schools on their on planet, most officers attend the Coalition Officer School, located on a space station in Thelatair orbit. Currently there are three main fleets - two "battle fleets" and once "assault fleet" which consists only of Marine divisions and their transports.

Coalition Naval Ships

Coalition Fleets

Coalition Marines

While the Navy is commanded and trained under the direct auspices of the Coalition itself, the Outer Planets Coalition Interstellar Marines are recruited by the Coalition planets themselves.


Thelatair Marines

The Marine Divisions raised from the OPC capitol world of Thelatair enjoy the best technological equipment available. Using machine-assisted battle armor technology salvaged from the ruins of the Republic, they specialize as shock troops and in hostile environment combat, maximizing the shock factor and the encasing heavy armor of their equipment. Many of the best tacticians lead the Thelatair marine divisions, as most of the great Sector Officer's Academy, first built by the old Republic, remained throughout the centuries.


Natalus Marines

Natalan Marines are considerably less well equipped, but are still well trained and equipped. Their combat gear, while not providing as much radiological protection as Thelatair combat armor, is specialized to protect them from the dust-storms of Natalus, including heavy gas masks and thick battle fatigues. They have found themselves adept at urban warfare, and their near-intact air fleet of hover vehicles has provided almost every division with a large and powerful air-assault arm.

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