Rim Standard Interceptor

The Outer Rim Interceptors were a relatively late development in the Republic, and entered service just thirty years before the Sundering. The engineers at the Verin Corporation designed the Outer Rim Interceptor from the chasis of the Standard Republic Fighters, but made several improvements to the ship that were more condusive to Outer Rim combat and spacing. For example, the missile racks of the Standard Fighter were replaced with extra fuel tanks and the main body was expanded.



Just 50 years before the Manifolds closed, the Verin Corporation began to design and construct prototypes of a new type of Interceptor that would meant to be used primarily on the Outer Rim. It was designed to be faster and larger than the Standard Republic Fighters, and be a large hauler of goods. However, the ship was also given a extra auto-gun on the belly. The ship, just as was intended, became extremely popular on the Outer Rim, as it could work as a contractor or mining excavator.


The standard armament for the Outer Rim Standard Interceptor.

3 Center-Mount Auto-Cannon

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