Republic Standard Fighters

The Republic Standard fighters are some of the simplest spaceships ever conceived or constructed by the Republic. They are commonly referred to as 'Void-class' fighters, for the reason that they are extremely simple to design, build, and operate.



Very few outside the core worlds can pinpoint when this fighter was introduced to service. Manufactured primarily on Mars (Sol1), SilkRoad Station (Crossroads) and Tomorrow Prime (Tomorrow), these vessels were quick to enter service across the republic. These ships never saw hard combat, designed long after the closing of the Age of War. Many planets have stockpiles of these craft still operational due to the low reliance on high technology. This bird is made from hard metals, made to operate in sub-zero temperatures and require only a basic tool kit to work on.


The standard armament for the Republic standard fighter is relatively straight-forward.

2 Wing-Mount Light Autocannon (900 rounds)
8 Centerline Hardpoints

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