The Saladin is the flagship of the al-Kasar Navy, and serves as the primary carrier of interceptors for the fleet. The ship itself holds three hundred fighters, and is armed with several score point defense weapons that are scattered across the body of the ship, and also has two large, but currently inoperable, Capital-class railguns.


The Saladin was a Republic derelict from Stigia, it had been dumped in orbit about a gas giant in the outer portion of the system. The House of El-Habbaz eagerly sent a reclamation team to claim the ship and carry it to the shipyards of Dubai, where repairs began. After nearly a year of frenzied repairs, the Saladin was deemed ready for combat, was proclaimed the flagship of the al-Kasar, and pulled out of dry-dock just in time to pull in at the rear of convoy heading for Sherwood. Fortunately, the Saladin, as well as the rest of the fleet, did not become involved in any combat, but did have the chance to practice formations with the rest of the fleet. As it stands now, the Saladin is currently performing pilot and crew training above Sherwood, and attempting to bring the less-damaged right rail-gun back online.

Size: 500 meters

2 Capital-Class Railguns
10 Point-Defense Auto-Turrets (Middle-Class Guns)
10 Point-Defense Anti-Missile Turrets
10 Auto-Turrets (Large-Class Guns)
Sub-Capital-Class Armor

300 Interceptors:

150 Republic-standard Fighters
150 Outer-Rim standard Interceptors

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