The Sanjar is main assault ship of the al-Kasar Navy, and served as the former flagship of the fleet before the Saladin was recovered. The battle cruiser wields two Capital-Class railgun turrets, and one Capital-Class auto-turret, but, for some reason, the targetting computers for the central guns on all three turrets catastrophically fail when fired in unison with the outer two. The engineers of the ship, relying mainly on antique guidebooks from the ships archive, have been trying to fix said guns for nearly a Standard-Time century.


The Sanjar was a major Republic warship that actually only staying in Dubai at the time of the Sundering because of a lay-over, it's logic computer had become faulty during the trip from Stigia to Dubai, and it had to pull into the House of El-Habbaz shipyards for a quick refit. Then, the manifolds fell, and the population of Dubai began warring with each other. It was not until the House of El-Habbaz had re-conquered the system from the pirates and the other various factions that the dry-docked Sanjar was discovered, a piece of history preserved through the centuries.

The crew and the shipyard workers had apparently finished repairs on the ship sometime after the Sundering, but did not have a shuttle or other method of leaving the place. Their skeletal remains were launched with full military honors into the asteroid field that had hidden the great ship.

Afterwards, the ship was coronated the flagship of the El-Habbaz fleet, and for centuries remained in orbit over Dubai, so long that the crew had to occasionally turn the ship so the trace amounts of atmosphere from the planet did not actually rust the metals on the ship.

When the time came to seize Stigia, the Sanjar was the first ship (excluding the intelligence teams) to pass through the Manifold and take control of the system. Interestingly, the Sanjar has never, not even in it's term in Republic, been in combat with another ship. (This is not uncommon, it was built after the Age of War, and was primarily a sign of Republican authority on the Outer Rim).

Size: 415 meters

6 Capital-Class Railguns
3 Capital-Class Auto-Turrets
7 Point-Defense Auto-Turrets (Middle-Class Guns)
7 Point-Defense Anti-Missile Turrets
Capital-Class Armor

15 Interceptors:

15 Republic-standard Fighters

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