Shelby Accord

The Shelby Accord


For centuries the Daimos Imperium strove to uplift and unify its people through genetic improvement and societal control. And for centuries, a handful of people resisted the regimen. Called anti-morphs, these dissenters — clearly genetic anomalies, as evidenced by their disagreeable nature — fought and resisted the Imperium in every way they knew how. Many were forcibly "recalled" by the Imperium, never to be seen again.

Five hundred years is a long time for resentment to build, and when the manifolds began coming back online ten yers ago, the dissenters saw a way out. Executing a series of subtle plans and outright betrayals, a significant number of theseanti-morphs — or Sleepwalkers, as they called themselves — pulled off an epic escape towards San Anselmo and beyond, eventually applying the ubiquitous moniker of one of their founding members to the name of their fledgling nation. Through infiltration and diplomatic agreements, the Sleepwalkers established themselves on three planets — Oskanna, Jumpstart, and Author — and are seeking stability to better resist the Imperium, and rescue new and remaining Sleepwalkers from Daimian "recall."


The Shelby Accord is unique among most star-nations because itis actually a host of refugees from the Daimos Imperium. The legendary anti-morphs of the Imperium's aptly named doctrine, the Shelbyites, who called themselves Sleepwalkers while still in the confines of the Imperium, over many years organized themsleves and waitied for an opportunity to revolt and break free. The reactivation of the Manifolds provided the perfect opportunity.


The underground movement known as the Sleepwalkers focused strongly on the ideas of self-determination and independent thought. One of these manifestations arose in the selection of surnames, something not exactly followed in Imperium social sctructure. Shelby was the surname chosen by one of the foremost and influential members of the Sleepwalkers; over the years, in the Imperium, it came to stand in as a synonym for teh Sleepwalkers themselves. So when the time came to name the new nation, Shelby seemed the obvious choice. Particularly because "the Sleepwalker Accord" sounded a tad too creepy.


Shelbyan culture is a direct reaction to Imperium culture. Freedom of thought, expression, and information is highly valued. Individuality is highly valued. Oppression and servitude are viewed with distaste. The Shelbyites are often said to have excellent senses of humor, and tend to be very open and curious, sometimes to the point of rudeness. They also eschew betrayal for a large number of reasons. The Shelbyites are also very good about taking their native system populations seriously, and learning from them.


This term only applies to those citizens of the Accord who were once citizens of the Imperium — in other words, Daiman refugees. In general, the Sleepwalkers are upbeat, cheerful, friendly, and cooperative, though of course there are always exceptions. They also seem quite haunted from time to time, and can be distinguished from native Accord populations by their lack of knowledge regarding usual customs or beliefs.

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Current Issues

If there's one thing the Accord needs, it's some stability and, perhaps, legitimacy. The Imperium is always looking for ways to bring the Accord to its knees, or wipe it out entirely.


Functioning, but the Accord wants to jumpstart it, make it into something serious — to fund the efforts to bulwark the Accord against the Imperium.

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Foreign Relations

A recent blitz of emissary-sending is, so far, garnering positive results. Foreign relations generally revolve around research exchanges and trade, with a little bit of "we're much more pleasant than the Imperium, pick us, we're nicer" on the side.



Chomsky: A temperate planet, moderately sized, fairly young geologically so there are significant geologic formations. Habitable, 60% water.


Hunahpu & Xbalanque: Two habitable planets; tiny, with gravity about three quarters of normal, mostly covered in water with archipleagos strewn about the surfaces.


Kuan-Ti: A very large planet with 1.5 times regular gravity; not much surface water, but an extensive aquifer network.

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Government and politics

The Presidium

Three figures, each appointed by one of the three constituent systems, serve as heads of state. Decisions that fall to the Presidium are voted on by all three members. Zoey Stonecipher is Presidius of the Oskanna system, Solomon Prynn is Presidius of the Jumpstart System, and Riley Aphistemi is Presidius of the Author system.

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The Concordat

The legislative and advisory body of the Accord. Each system appoints (with the candidates selected by vote or some other method) a fixed number of delegates to the Accord Concordat.

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Accord Politics

Limited, at this time. In general, it's the original Shelbyites — the original refugees — who serve in Accord federal government, but there are a handful of natives from each system who do serve in fairly high government positions.

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Cabinet of Ministries

The Cabinet of Ministries is a body of advisors to the Presidium who, in turn, direct their appointed ministries; they are the right hands of the Presidium in terms of exercising executive power over the nation as a whole.

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System Governments

Each system has two Consuls, the idea being that the appointed presidius from each system is the head of government for that system. In reality, the two consuls run the system while the presidium takes care of the overarching federal government. Each system also has its own Concordat, to represent the will of its constituent population.

Assembly of the Manifold Republic

As of RM 11, the Accord sent three Aldermen to represent the nation in the Assembly of the Manifold Republic. Keller Corbin represents Oskanna, Lillian Martin represents Jumpstart, and Dave Prusky represents Author. Aldermen are selected by the Minister of Foreign Affairs (currently Tanner Earhart) and are passed by majority Concordat vote for final approval by the Presidium.


The Accord began as a rebellious movement against the repressive regime of the Daimos Imperium; only when the Manifolds come back online did the Sleepwalkers, the rebels, have the chance to escape and form their own nation on their own worlds. The Accord has been a full nation for only a few years now, and is constantly under threat by the Imperium.

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Roughly half to three quarters of all the Accord's military is taken directly fro the Imperium. While not as powerful as the Imperium, the Accord fleet is reasonably strong, and its complement of marines is also quite respectable.


The Magistrate is the national law enforcement body of the Accord. Part federal police, part counterintelligence, it answers directly to the Presidium and national Concordat. The Chief Magister informally sits in Cabinet of Ministries. Chief Magister Martin Shelby often worlds closely with, but does not answer to, Minister of Defense Geoffrey Keane.

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Population total: Population total: 172,593,616 (8,214,426 former Imperium)

Age Structure:

  • 0-14 years: 7%
  • 15-64 years: 73%
  • 65 years and over: 20%

Population Growth Rate:

  • 4.5% (Sleepwalker immigration makes up between 0.1% and 2.2% population growth per year)

Sex Ratio

  • At birth: 1.1 male(s)/female
  • Under 15 years: 1 male(s)/female
  • 15-64 years: .98 male(s)/female
  • 65 years and over: .93 male(s)/female
  • Total Population: .95 male(s)/female

Life expectancy

  • Total Population: 119 years
  • Male: 116 years
  • Female: 121 years

Literacy Rate : 88%


  • Singular Noun: Shelbyite, Shelbyan; Accorded
  • Plural Noun: Shelbyites, Shelbyans; Accorded
  • Adjective: Shelbyan; Accorded
  • Note: The term "Sleepwalker" only applies to Shelbyites who once were part of the Imperium — not native inhabitants of Accord systems.


  • Official: English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Cantonese
  • Secondary: Lingallis, Yucatec Maya (closely guarded)
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