Shelby's Three Notions

Disavow Expectations

They cause trouble; they confuse matters, they cause anger and disappointment. Take all experience as it comes. The mind becomes rigid and strains when events occur that don't match up with what was already imagined. Inflexibility is weakness; weak thought is oppression.

Experience the World

It will be painful and sweet - everything is valid. Nothing lasts forever, and that's as it should be. Nothing is worse than permanent vague euphoria - it renders you asleep in a living world. When things are awful, take it, feel it, and work through it. When things are great, take it, enjoy it, and let it go. The universe is just like the orbit of a planet around a star - it will always alternate between being on the near and far side the star. Life will always be good and bad. And neutral. Enjoy it for all it is.

Be Mindful

Just as you experience things, others do, too. And their experience is as valid as yours. Listen, think. Be compassionate. Nothing is gained by imposing your will on someone else; serially, you accomplish only so much. But parallel, you accomplish so much more. Equally as important is being compassionate towards yourself - mistakes are a condition of being fully human, and while regrettable, and sometimes devastating, they are not the same as evil or oppressive behavior, and shouldn't be treated as such.

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