Silk Road Station

The Silk Road station is a huge space station located in the Crossroads system. Centuries-old, the station was built by the republic as a trade and military centre for the Alpha sector. It is now the capital “city” of the Spacers’ State and a central location to space-related trade and business in Crossroads.

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Dozens of republican shipyards, assembled on location
  • Type: Orbital station
  • Overall length: 3,200 metres (without service pylons) 4,400 metres (with service pylons)
  • Overall width: 400 metres (without service pylons) 2,000 metres (with service pylons)
  • Levels: 35
  • Mass: 45 million metric tons
  • Permanent Inhabitants: 9,000
  • Maximum Capacity: 30,000
  • Docking facilities: 4 large docking pylons with 20 docking ports each, 2 pressurized shuttle airlocks
  • Power plants: 2x nuclear fusion reactors, 1x back-up nuclear fission reactor
  • Weaponry and defence systems:
    • 40 point-defence anti-missile turrets
    • Titanium hull plating


Economic role

Military role

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