The Central Bank

The Central Bank

Bankers love order and upon resumption of trade and communication, the Central Bank of the Core Worlds Authority was able to resume interstellar banking. The only major interstellar lending organization, it has gained massive power by lending resources, capitol and technology to various worlds and through the lucrative rebuilding of Treste.

Loans from the Central Bank

Loans of Production Capacity and Resources are available from the Central Bank for Factions, as approved. Projects may be as grand as building a new battle cruiser, or as minor as teaching neolithic savages the arts of Agriculture. The Central Bank espouses neutrality in all things, much like the Spacers Guild and will not reject a nation based on ideology.

The Bank is interested in credit ratings and stability.

In order to apply for a loan, simply open an IC thread in the Trade Nexus and request a loan. Detail what the loan will be used for. Loan terms will be offered based on the stability of a nation and the ability of that nation to repay the loan in a timely fashion. Failure to meet the terms of a loan will result in foreclosure, in which case the situation is resolved via RP.

Example: The Beatnick Republic requests a loan from the Central Bank. The beatnicks desire to build a new transportation nexus(Build: Economic Strength) on Kerouac, their home world. This would normally require an investment of 8 build actions and the resources involved.

The Central Bank looks at the Beatnick Republic and judges them to be a fairly risky proposal, given the surrounding threats from the Red Guard on McCarthy and the Moon Children on Aquarius. Both are aggressive and may destabilize the region. The loan is approved however, with the following terms. Each year, for 12 years, the Beatnicks shall GRANT the Central Bank 1 PRODUCTION and 1 resource trait as they deem available.

It would take the Beatnicks 8 years to build their network normally. However, the loan they apply for is approved and over the course of the next year, the network is completed.

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