The Core Worlds Alliance

The Core World Alliance


A union of 7 systems centered around Earth, this fragment of the Republic survived relatively intact. When the Manifolds failed, Sol 1's advanced technology was able to force the Sol Manifold back open, but no others. This allowed those five worlds that connected to Terra to remain in contact with other worlds, though dependent upon Sol 1 for all such things.

While economic regression and technological slide hit these worlds, they did not suffer anywhere near the scale of loss that the outer worlds did. Given the impressive technological base available and the already high populations, these 6 worlds weathered the storm of the manifold failure with what any rim-worlder would call ease. Indeed, the Core Worlds Alliance has access to the greatest amount of technology from the republic, as well as many they are rumored to have created on their own during the Sundering.

When the manifolds reopened, the six became seven as Treste all but threw itself in to the arms of the CWA. The CWA now looks outward with a sense of collective horror at what has become of humanity. Scattered 'barbarian' powers are now poking out from isolated worlds rejoined, many worlds have simply died out, colonies have regressed to the stone age and others still have warped in fanatical fashions.

The Core Worlders recognize that the Age of War has returned. While the CWA has publicly sworn off armed conflict, they also have not so quietly reactivated a massive war-fleet to defend the Manifold-routes that lead to the inner core. They look to, with this force, be a solid and stable force that the others can come to, for neutral politics, for communication and for a stable platform on which to build the future.

Worlds of the CWA

The Core World Alliance consists of 7 worlds at what humanity considers to be the center of the Manifold Grid. All roads lead to Sol 1. The CWA, while monolithic in power when acting in unison, is more akin to a group of citystates in its fractious nature.

Sol 1

Sector Designation: 0 (Core World, a sector unto itself as prime)
The homeworld of humanity and the site of the only functioning Manifold for 500 years after the grid went offline. The Terran Manifold allowed all the core worlds (Save for Treste) to maintain communication and trade during the Sundering. Sol 1 used this position to assume a financial and bureaucratic domination over the other core worlds, a domination that many of the other Core Worlds and the Spacers Guild resent. After untold centuries of exploitation, Sol 1's resources are starting to wear thin while trade, with the Manifold Grid reopened, now flows away rather than to, Sol 1.


Sector Designation: Alpha-1
Alderman: Jimmy Delfanso (Christopher Walken)
The Newest world in the CWA, Treste has been the CWA's first and only venture with combat. The world suffered a civil war upon joining the CWA, in which certain local warlords sought to retain their power. Eventually they were put down. Located off Duo and Neo-New England, Treste can only be reached by CWA systems and was deemed a security risk if left untended. The population is minimal and the system is administered by Sol 1.


Sector Designation: Alpha-2
The 'center' of Anti-Sol rhetoric, Duo is the System that most often rivals Sol for power in the CWA. While unable to challenge effectively in the areas of military or economic might, the research stations, universities and grand libraries of Duo have long been a source of power for this academically powerful planet. Much of the higher education of the CWA is done here, and it is the home base of the Spacers Guild.


Sector Designation: Beta-1
A world with long ties to Duo, Prima is an industrial world, blue collar to match Duo's white. Massive mines in its moons and asteroids provide many of the materials that resource hungry Sol 1 requires. As the quickest and easiest route to the Omega Sector, Prima is well positioned for growth.

Neo-New England

Sector Designation: Gamma-1
Alderman: Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford)
A world of free thinkers and common men, Neo-New England was founded on a tongue in cheek approach to government. The people very much believe in local rule and pose a serious threat to Sol 1's continued domination.

New Earth

Sector Designation: Delta-1
A world that is closely aligned to Sol 1, New Earth is a cold and hardy place. Much of the labor across the Core Worlds comes from New Earth, administered by the remnants of the Sol 1 Corporations, now enshrined as bureaucratic and governmental agencies.


Sector Designation: Delta-2
A world much like Neo New England in make up, Albion is however the swing vote in the Core Worlds. Both factions, Pro-Terran and Anti-Terran, court Albion… and Albion wouldn't have it any other way. As the quickest route in to the Delta Sector, it knows it holds much in the way of future power.

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