The Emmerainian Conglomerate

Player: Nic

Tech level: Minor Faction(sub-manifold society)
Military Might: Anemic
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust


The Emmerainian Conglomerate is indeed managed by a company, but that company has a very high expectation to live up to if the Economy of the system is to remain peaceful. The Conglomerate believes that it shouldn't control the economy and leave the power to the population for the population needs control over it's own economy. Emmerainians are business men who are fairly formal when doing business and like to do it by the book and with traders that like to hassle people and batter with them .


Name: The Emmerainian Conglomerate
Gov type: Regional Communal Plutocracy
Orientation: Business and Trade
New Iberia (d8): consists of 6 Planets, one of them being the capitol planet of Kaiyou. The lone star in the New Iberia system is a blue-white medium sized class B star.

Movement & Manifold Capability:

Due to only having slow ships, it is not in the best interests for the Emmerain Conglomerate to use the manifold for it is too far away and would be a waste of the Conglomerate's time, money and resources(takes about an age(3.3 years) to get to the manifold from kaiyou. Most ships that inhabite New Iberia are slow cargo ships which take about 15-20 cycles to get to the closest planet.

Advancement towards Manifold Capability

In the recent ages, the government has decided to make advancement towards manifold capability. The catch was that they could hardly spend the budget they were given to spend on men and materials. So with the money they had, they came up with a brilliant plan. Every 500 cycles, they hold a competition to the public to see who can come up with the fastest ship. To prove this, there's a race that they must compete in, the team that placces first gets some prize cash and a contract with the conglomerate's shipyards for 1.5 ages(4.1 sol years). There are a few regulations for the race which include: the hull plating must be 1.5m thick of solid metal, and that the ship's engine must be either unique or an already existing engine that has been uniquely customized.


The government (as mentioned above) is a Regional Communal Plutocracy. Since there are only 2 regions/systems, there's only 2 boards and 2 heads that constitute the government. Each system has their own board and head for that board that act on the behalf of that system. But if the act is of of the faction as a whole then both boards from both systems must act as a whole. Basically, it's the head of the board that makes the decision, while the board (constituting of ministries) argues for and against the act (depending on the effect it will have on the ministry that they're head of). To become head of the board, you must have been in the board for at least 6 years and must still be part of the board when elected. Once elected head of the board, they remain head of the board until death unless opposed by 85% of both boards including the other head of board.


*history is subject to change in order to fit in with neighboring systems and factions*

Before the sundering, the system of New Iberia was full of the hustle and bustle of businesses, and trades, as it was the administrative center for the delta sector for the republic. When news that the manifolds were closing, all hell broke loose in the New Iberia system, the stock market crashed, businesses started closing after having realizing that their products that they were receiving from other systems were no longer available, while other business benefited greatly, having increasing their prices tenfold within hours. During the second cycle* after the manifolds had closed, people started realizing that they had no government, which then lead to further panic and destruction. Upon the 8 ages and 429 cycles*(roughly 25 years) after the manifolds had closed, things started calming, the people needed a government in which to put things in place, but no single person or club had the money to do it, so they turned to the companies that were still intact. There was one company that stood above the rest, not only having the most money, but the most trust and reliability than all the others, this company was the Emmerain Company. The people of the New Iberia system pleaded Frederick Gafter, the CEO of the Emmerain Company to form a government; of course Frederick Gafter saw the huge opportunity in front of him and decided to do go for it. But Frederick needed some support, so he gathered a meeting between the people of other companies to which he trusted and together they formed the Emmerainian Conglomerate. Since then the colonies in the system started to rebuild and improve on what was left of the system.


The Economy is a strong one. Even though the Emmerainian Conglomerate is the government, doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t have a company to run. The Emmerainian Conglomerate owns a variety of chains throughout the faction. Nearly 95% of the Conglomerate’s profit it gets from its businesses and stores, goes into the system to be put to use to better the community(ie: healthcare, education, ect.) There’s also no such thing as mega stores, mega chains (with the exception of the Conglomerate), superstores or any other all in one stores(like wal-mart, ect.). This means that most stores and businesses are locally owned and operated, which creates better relationships within the public, healthier lifestyles and better business for everyone. The Conglomerate puts kids ages 7-19 in a free education system, where a business and trade course is mandatory along with math, socials, languages and science. The Conglomerate also offers free health care to all its citizens and bans any kind of weaponry. As well, the Emmerainian Conglomerate has sent out various search parties in hopes that they will find planets (either with or without stars) or huge asteroids that are not on the manifold grid in hopes to discover a new material in which they can profit from.


Due to the Emmerainian Conglomerate having no Manifold capabilities, the conglomerate has no offensive army or capabilities. Instead, it has a security branch that guards it's consumers and it's assets. This security branch used to be the security guard for guarding the Conglomerate's storage facilities, but now is a fully-fledged security branch that's above the normal police work. The security branch patrols the space between the colonies and also offers an escort for freighters to other colonies at a price.


Trade, Business, and the flow of information are high values for Emmerainians. They rely on the manifolds to do business with other factions. Most Emmerainians are fairly formal in presentation and are careful to select the right words in a conversation. Time is an important essence in a life of an Emmerainian, for time is business. One of the most favorite things an Emmerainian likes to enjoy is to play or watch the sport Dolkem (Hockey) as well as virtual games. Emmerainians are real party goers; you just don’t normally see this while they’re working because business is of high importance.


It is said that if you jingle something in front of an Emmerainian, you can hear scales in the background.


The Emmerainian Conglomerate runs on a time system called the Emmerainian Conglomerate Standard Time (ECST). 1 Cycle is equal to one rotation of the capitol planet in the New Iberia system.

ECST RW time
1000 Cycles 1 Age 1000 days
1000 Units 1 Cycle 1day
1000 Qunits 1 Unit 42 seconds

An example of ECST is 345 units at cycle 50 of the 5th age of Reconnection.


Kasai (NI 1):

Uninhabitable. Kasai is the planet closest to the sun and experiences extremely high temperatures. The planets surface is liquid rock and previous scans of the planet dictate that there's no solid ground.

Enkou (NI 2):

Uninhabitable. Enkou is the second planet in orbit around the sun and experiences high temperatures. The planet's atmosphere is mainly composed of CO2 and scans dictate that the planet does indeed have a surface that covers 5.42x10^7 Km 2, making in the smallest planet in the system.

Dorai (NI 3)1:

Almost Uninhabitable. Dorai is the third planet in orbit around the sun and experiences relatively high temperatures. Because of these high temperatures, they're only two small cities that actually make a profit from minning there. These two cities are cituated at both poles(where it is the coldest) and one situated in a huge deep cave, while the other is situated in the world's deepest canyon.

Kaiyou (NI 4):

Habitable. Kaiyou is the fourth planet in orbit around the sun and experiences mild temperatures. Kaiyou is the capitol planet of the Emmerainian Conglomerate and is mainly covered in water. Most of the land available has been made as the main support for most cities that extend over the water.

Koori (NI 5)1:

Almost Uninhabitable. Koori is the fifth planet in orbit around the sun and experiences cold temperatures. Only for a few kilometers at the equator is habitable because it is not as cold as the rest of the planet. There's only one city cituated on Koori for it's minerals that hide in its ice.

Touketsu (NI 6):

Uninhabitable. Touketsu is the sixth planet in orbit around the sun and experiences extremely cold temperatures. So cold that most city domes crack and shatter if constructed there.

Dorai, Koori1: These two planets have only 1 or 2 cities because the upkeep to support other cities on these planets are too high. The ones that are in place only make a slight profit for the Conglomerate.

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