The Freebooters Union

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The Freebooters Union is a faction located in the Gamma Sector of the Manifold Grid. The Union consists of two systems: Goodtimes, which contains most of the population, and Backroad.

The Union was until very recently a loose affiliation of thieves, hijackers, and pirates who did their best to make ends meet, regardless of the consequences for others. They were known as the Takers, and true to their name, they took, creating havoc for nearby factions who utilized the connecting Manifolds, factions such as Crossroads, Rubicon, and the Meskene Republic.

In early RM 12, however, Bizumbku Meshozarai, the leader of arguably the most powerful pirate organization in the Freebooters Union, embarked on a mission to “organize and civilize” the Union. Through warfare and conquest, as of the current date Meshozarai has control of roughly 50% of the main planet’s land area and 65% of its population. However, there remains several opposing organizations that vow to do whatever possible to retain their way of life and looting.

Fast Facts

SYSTEMS: Goodtimes, Backroad
POPULATION: 536,000,000 (428,800,000 in Goodtimes, 107,200,000 in Backroad)
PEOPLES: Ayanga (21%), Gamu (17%), Chamba (12%), Duwili (5.6%), Shayesa (4%), others 39.4%


Although it cannot be proven due to the Sundering and loss of histories and data, according to legends, it is said that the first settlers of the two systems that make up the Freebooters Union originated from Sol. A people with dark skin, they kept to their own villages and settlements. No effort was made to unite; each family, each settlement fended for themselves.

Later, the systems became known as a destination for refugees and outcasts from other systems. Although the structure of isolation from other communities was somewhat maintained, inter-cultural mixing took place and unique cultures were eventually formed. The standard of living improved over time as some communities learned to trade with those from other systems. However, with the Age of the Sundering, life changed in Goodtimes and Backroad. Food, water, and other life-sustaining necessities became hard to come by, and war engulfed the systems. Millions died, and those that survived took on a life of looting and thievery in order to keep their own lives.

Even though society eventually emerged from the Sundering and the Manifolds reopened, making trade possible, things did not improve for Goodtimes and Backroad. Other star systems ignored the plight of the two systems. Soon aggression turned away from each other and towards other factions in the sector and surrounding space. Looting from foreign traveling parties became commonplace and became a way for those on Goodtimes and Backroad to survive. The groups of pirates and thieves forged an agreement to not attack each other without due reason, the basis for what became the Freebooters Union. The Union soon became enemy number one for many factions.

By RM 12, there was no Union-wide government to speak of. The only organizational structures were those of pirate gangs. That began to change with the emergence of Bizumbku Meshozarai as the leader of one of the gangs. Meshozarai felt that although piracy allowed citizens of the Union to survive in a universe where other systems could care less about the Union, the system was holding them back from further prosperity. A Union united by government and by a societal structure would command respect and serve to obtain more prosperity, Meshozarai reasoned.

In RM 12, Meshozarai issued a notice to other pirates and looters: voluntarily join his mission for organization and civilization, or be forced to join. A few gangs voluntarily joined, but many did not, feeling that the original Union agreement was under threat. Warfare soon engulfed the planet of Onzumb, a status that remains today.



The Goodtimes system contains one inhabited planet, Onzumb. 80% of the population of the Freebooters Union lives on Onzumb.


Backroad contains one inhabited planet, Mfeli.

Government and Politics

No Union-wide government currently exists in the Freebooters Union. The only Union-wide legislation is that of non-aggression between Union gangs. There is a form of government, however, within the individual gangs.




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