The Helios Republic

The Helios Republic

Player: Won TaeJong

Military Might: Sub-Par
Intelligence Assets: Sub-Par
Production Capacity: Outstanding

Marginally aligned with the Core Worlds Authority, the Helios Republic is shrouded in a certain degree of mystery, preferring to withdraw into isolationism when everything fell apart. Considered a tyranny of an aristocratic republic that it once was, scientific research was largely preserved at the great cost of freedom and liberty. Arrogant, aloof, and with a vast cache of scientific technology, the reopening left them isolated and even vulnerable to infiltration as a consequence of its knowledge-based economy.

Internal squabbling and its heavy reliance on technology has resulted in a largely defensive military apparatus although it recently forced the submission of the largely agricultural people of Troia Nova (formerly New Kyoto) and is known for committing atrocities such as nerve stapling and 'culling' of the resistant population to extract vast sums of agricultural and mineral resources in the largely urbanized and resource-starved planets of Veii and Hanyang.

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