The Raurian League

The Raurian League, or Savimnur, is the Rau representative body to the Manifold Republic located in the Barbosa System, Beta Sector of the Manifold Grid. The League is considered isolationist and xenophobic due to Rau cultural and religious beliefs. The Rau is a mysterious human-alien hybrid species. Felinoid is a term used to describe this species, but it is a poor approximation due to the feline similarities that stopped on their physical appearance. Insofar, no human researcher has discover evidence to the process that made them. DNA data proves that the Rau are human in part or in origin, but nothing is provided as to their feline appearance. The League is slighted by the Republic evidence of their human origin, and denies such facts as heretical and inflamatory. The Rau strongly believe that they are a unique species.


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The Raurian League or Savimnur is the Barbosa System authority, which represents the Rau interests in interstellar relations. Savimnur means World League in the Rothrau language, the diplomatic language of the League. Due to Republic translations and derivations, Raurian League is what non-Rau called the organization. The Savimnur is a loose association of Rau sovereign nations, which gave the organization just enough authority to set up a space defense force against possible offworld hostility. The Rau nations take pride in their regional identities, and are easily offended by species typecasting. The serving Savim Nauglir, that is League Overseer, is Mdm. Ru Firrau Veclar, the Rau woman and politician who founded the Savimnur.

Interstellar Relations

Rau foreign policy is isolationist and xenophobic. A year after the Hacarax, the Raurian League imposed a general ban on Manifold-travel targetted on citizens and aliens alike. No alien is allowed to enter Rau space, and no Rau to leave it. All found infringing this ban within Rau space will be executed immediately. The Rau interstellar relations institution, which governs foreign policy, is the Savimnur itself, under the administration of the serving Savim Nauglir. Alien ambassadors will be received by her everytime.


Rau space military doctrine leans towards a strong base defense. The League considers this measure a good deterrent against ambitious and expansionist factions in the Manifold Grid. Until today, this policy and its enforcement has yet to be tested.


The League considers Rau sovereignty to encompass all that their space-travel technology could carry a Rau to. What is beyond the next Manifold exit the Rau do not contend as they consider Manifold-travel an illegal mode of transportation. However, Rau space patrols and mines are found to concentrate just on the brink of the local system's oort cloud. Practically, Rau technology has only allowed them to have control over the Barbosa System, which they called the Rothmenthar that is the Solar Kingdom.


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The Rau homeworld is a planet in the Barbosa System called Ur.

Social System

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With the emergence of Rau planetary nationalism, the dominant culture and civilization, i.e. the Rothrau, becomes the Republic typecast of all Rau. The Rau Doctrine, which is the League social creed and world-view of the Rau, dictates that the Rau inherits the god-potential from their ancestors who had defeated the Old Gods and taken from them their divinity and turning themselves into gods instead. The god-potential is thus inherent in every Rau, and in that potential lies the claim of the Rau being the natural and most ancient masters of the universe. With the arrival of the Republic humans, who the Rau called the Tenrau that is Non-people, the Rau Doctrine was challenged for the aliens brought news of nations with superior abilities and the very idea of the Manifold Republic is heretical to them. Therein the reason of the world-wide unrest on Hacarax. With the creation of the League, the Manifold-travel Ban and the clever devises of Ru Firrau Veclar, the Rau Doctrine was further reinforced, and more Rau accepted their natural and divine rights.


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Rau historical information is mostly derived from two sources: Rau official texts and documents; and Rau scholars who are relocated (these scholars were mostly smuggled so they could not return to their homeworld, otherwise they will face execution no matter the reason of leaving). The Rau believe their species is native of Ur, and had evolved there millions of years ago. Relocated Rau scholars however provided evidence that the Rau only come to live on the planet a thousand years ago. The Rau find the reports of these scholars, who they called enemies of the state, to be disturbing and heretical in their beliefs.

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