The Skye Commonwealth

The Skye Commonwealth

This faction is available for play by an interested player

Military Might: Sub-Par
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust

A social experiment in communal living, the Unther family broke off from a larger noble group and took over a system of low-resource planets. Equality is paramount; everyone pitches in to make things work, whether it's a mine or a farm or a factory or a home. They count on their lack of resources to keep them out of the clutching hands of imperialist neighbors, but they're working to make a niche for themselves in scientific education and research. Their slow but steady success could eventually backfire on them; they were allowed to take over the system because no one wanted it; now that it's beginning to pay off, it would be an easy matter to simply wipe out the current inhabitants and take over all the Unthers' hard work.

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