The Spacers Guild

The Spacers Guild

Every traffic grid needs a controlling system. The Spacers Guild is that system. The remains of the Argos Corporation, the Spacers Guild is the only Republic Recognized authority on the Manifolds and maintains a monopoly on their operation.

While based in the CWA, they have spread in the last 10 years, in to all of known space and have offices on every world. The Spacers Guild also handles news and communications between each world, operating a small but growing fleet of data-transmissions ships. These ships gather transmissions from each world on their route, then travel to a central point where they exchange this data with other ships. Each ship has two collection points and thusly, all information an communications will make its way around the jump web inside 2 weeks.

The Spacers Guild is probably the most respected of the many guilds and corporations since they control interstellar space travel. Although other groups may have trained space pilots and thier own ships, the Spacers Guild maintains a ruthless monoploy on the command and control of Manifold travel. Cargo ships must either be members of the Spacers Guild or pay an exise tax upon the carried goods. The tax is not onerous, existing only to offset the costs of maintaining the Spacers guild.

The Spacers Guild has several departments.

The Explorer Corps

The Explorers are those recklass, romantic icons that ply the space ways exploring the new places, the old places and places we have yet to imagine. Always the first through a new Manifold Access, The first to make planet fall, these explorers also have a penchant for trouble that precedes them.

The Steveadoors

The Steves, as they are called, represent the movers and freight handlers of the Shattered Sphere. They control the vast majority of the available and functional bulk movers.

The Scavs (Requisition Division)

Some call them the Vultures, but in reality, they are the saving grace of many worlds and ships in distress. Specializing in jury rigging and salvage, the Scavs are some of the brightest minds in the Spacers Guild.

The Flagmen

As traffic controllers for the Manifold Grid, these are some of the most respected and elder men. Each Manifold has a Prefect who is the System 'head' for all Spacers Guild activity in that area, and is served by a staff of several hundred who handle the minutia of organizing ships and operating the Manifolds themselves.


The FC-Protocol is a department that specializes in First Contact with alien or unknown races. Skilled in linguistics and culture, the FC is rarely seen outside of the CWA save when needed.


The teeth of the Spacers Guild, these armed guards tend to be highly trained, well equipped and fast. They do not maintain large ships, instead focusing on many corvettes and smaller, faster ships. Not an armed force so much as a police force.

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