The Spartan Dominion

The Spartan Dominion

Player: Rocky Zimmerman

Military Might: Robust
Intelligence Assets: Sub-Par
Production Capacity: Robust

Founded in the ruins of the sector defense headquarters, the Spartan Confederation is a collection of city/planet states that maintain a loose cohesion based on strict military command and control. The economy is dedicated to military production while the intelligence services have suffered. The system weathered the Sundering fairly intact, largely in part to the workers and scientists operating in the military. With a strong sense of unity, they were able to forge a society able to remain afloat in trying times.

General Culture

With a Class-F star in the yellow-white hue, 8 main astrological bodies and an asteroid belt between the 3rd and 4th planets, its easy to mistake the Sparta System for an earth like system. But this superficial similarity is all that there is.

Upon deeper inspection, the star is an extremely bright super giant, the main planet (Sikyon) is easily twice the size of Terra and is bathed in the piercing rays of the sun. Only a heavy cloud cover and positioning in the mid solar system (making Sikyon the 5th planet in the system) keeps the world habitable by humanity.

With a gravity nearly twice that of Terra, Sikyon has produced generation after generation of men and women so muscled and strong that they bear little overt physical resemblance to the lithe and toned people of more earth like worlds.

The culture is one of physicality, where the weak, the deformed, those who cannot fight, are cast down or killed at birth or relegated by merciful parents to the mechanik or entertainer castes. Warriors rule supreme in this society, and the bigger you are, the more respected you are. The exception to this rule, is for shear tactical genius. While size is respected, the ability to overcome size with strategy is the most powerful form of prowess.

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