The Tarn System

The Tarn System

Player: Colin

Military Might: Anemic
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust

The Tarn System is an example of what can go wrong. Only ranked as a Manifold-capable society due to happenstance, the people of Tarn spent a good deal of time during the Sundering trying their absolute best to kill each other in every imaginable way. Large sections of one of the main continent of Tarn-3 have been rendered a wasteland while the remaining 600,000,000 population are crowded in to teeming cities that are breeding grounds for illiteracy and disease.

The nominal system government rules from an ancient bio-dome on the second moon of Tarn-3. Orbital space flight is still possible due to an aged fleet of Republican intra-system shuttles. Though recently reclassified as 'Manifold' by the Spacers Guild, this is only because of the appearance of an Old Republic Planetary Assault Ship from the deep system. The ship has been towed back to lunar orbit where, for the last 3 years, in conjunction with the Spacers Guild, the government of Tarn has been refitting it.

The system has, as its sole redeeming quality, a fairly well developed free-market economy and trade that supplies the government with a ready source of hard currency.

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