Theimos is a Class F white star in the Daimos System of the Beta Sector. The star system suffered an unknown calamity centuries ago that caused the destruction of all of the system's inner planets. The only surviving satellite, the gas giant Evaltis, is nearly sixteen astral units away from Theimos. Three large and hundreds of tiny moons orbit Theimos, the largest being Daimos, capital world of the Daimos Imperium.


Theimos: Class F White Star
Evaltis: Gas Giant - distance from Theimos, 5.7 AUs - time to circle Theimos, 13 yrs
Daimos: sub-terran size, relatively flat and hospitable to life, Earth-like atmosphere
Phobos: sub-terran size, rocky and inert, no atmosphere
Tromos: sub-terran size, lifeless and frozen, neon/argon atmosphere

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