Tsarina Yevpraksiya

Yevpraksiya Aleksandra Innokentiy Klaydiya Petraslogarovich is the curent Tsarina of the Tsardom of United Slavs, and its absolute ruler in every aspect. She was born in -32 RM, to the rulers of the Tsardom of the time, Tsar Aleksei XII and Tsarina Yekaterina IV.


Heir to the throne
With the tradition of Alexandrian Law firmly in place, little Yevpraksiya was imediatly designated the heir apparent, or Tsarevna. This designation was never challenged by any of her relatives due to the relatively tight-knit community that the Slavic Royal family is.

From birth, she was styled Her Imperial Highness, Grand Princess Yevpraksiya.

Schooling, Health Issues and Parents Death
At age four, the young Princess began her formal schooling. She was brought various tutors who instructed her in all the subjects that an Empress would one day require. Of all of them, her favourite was Gregori Malpolsovich, who taught her History and Philosophy. He would later be executed for suspected treason, by the Princess' parents. Most historians agree that this simple cover for the fact that they were worried of what the man was teaching their daughter.

It was also at this point, that the Tsar and Tsarina were having troubles with the daughters health. Thanks to the extremely luxurious lifestyle that Yevpraksiya lived, her weight had ballooned to almost 100 pounds at age Eight. Health complications like diabetes and a thyroid condition resulted and complicated the matter further.

By age Nine, her studies were progressing fantastically, her health had improved, with the elimination of the diabetes, and the thyroid problem firmly under control, but her weight still remained. This would be a particular source of annoyance to Yekaterina, who was of particular natural beauty herself; the fact that her daughter seemed almost dedicated to refuting this heritage, along with her often unlady like behavior (the princess was noted for her fondness of adventure and other activites that her mother absolutely despised), nearly drove her mother to maddness.

This problem was minor though, because on the eve of their daughters Tenth birthday, both the Tsar and Tsarina were murdered in what still today remains a mystery clouded in secrecy. Historians are divided on what exactly happened to the two rulers who were in apparently good health imediatly before.

There exists several camps as to what happened, the most two prominent of them being; That they were murdered by the Tsar's late brother, who comitted sucided shortly after their murder. Or, that the young Princess Yevpraksiya was the culprit, thanks to her mothers constant nagging about her weight, her fathers brooding attitude about her acession to the throne, and both parents fillibustering actions in regards to her education.

There was never an official statement from the palace on what exactly killed both monarchs, but little more than a week after their deaths, a state funeral was arranged, with all the pomp and circumstance assembled. When all the other speakers at the funeral had finished, young Yevpraksiya, dressed in the attire of a full Tsarina, and shedding nary a tear, spoke briefly in memorendum of her parents, and ended with perhaps what is one of her most famous of remarks;

"I will be a good ruler."

Assumption of the Throne
The day after the funeral ceremony, Yevpraksiya ascended the throne of the Tsardom of United Slavic Peoples, as Grand Tsarina. The ceremony was presided over by all the religous authorities of the Tsardom. All the Comissars, Sub-Tsars, Tsarina's, and all other assorted nobility all swore undying fealty and loyalty to her, as is the Slavic custom.

The assumption of the throne though was mirred with inter-court politics, many of the people favouring a regent until the girl was ready to assume the throne, some feeling that the girl was far too emotionally unstable to take the throne, while others suspected that she may have even been the doer of the deed. These thoughts were silenced by the Tsarina herself. Who personally spoke to the court, and ensured them that she had the full competancy and mental capacity that was required to rule.

With her supporters in the military outnumbering any single other group, most doubters were quick to reconsider those opions. Some of those who didn't were lost to the Golden Purges.

Ruler of the Tsardom

Full Title

By the Grace of the Gods,
Tsarina Yevpraksiya Aleksandra Innokentiy Klaydiya Petraslogarovich,

Autocrat of all Free Slavs, Ruler of the Great Tsardom, Empress of Rodina and all its Children, and Guardian of the Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Slovonians, Croats, Herzogovaridans, Bosnians, Serbians, Montenegrans, Macedonians, and Yugoslavians.

Personal Statistics

Age: 46
Weight: 85.91 Kg's (189 Lbs)
Height: 1.920 Meters (6.3 Ft.)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde

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