Turn Report Example
  • Action: This is what you are doing. Please choose from the list of actions available in the wiki.
  • Target: This is who, what or where you are acting upon. This can be almost anything conceivable, from a * technology to a world.
  • Amount: This is the force of your action, how much effort, resources or whatnot you are putting in to your action.
  • Operator: This is HOW you are doing it. You cannot oribitally bombard someone with Production and you cannot be sneaky with Military.
  • Modifier: This is where you list any additional factional, technological or cultural modifiers that may strengthen your action.
  • Total Strength: This is where you calculate your total strength so I don't have to. This is AMOUNT + Modifier totals.
  • Description: This is how you tell me WHAT you are doing. This is very important as you may get bonuses or modifiers based on how much effort you put in to this. That said, I don't want a novel. That is for the boards.

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