Verin Corporation

The Verin Corporation

Player: Vincent Garton

Military Might: Anemic
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Robust

Ancor's local authorities went into political turmoil when the Manifolds shut down, and in the political power vacuum the Verin Corporation was able to build a power base from exploiting a monopoly on the natural resources of the planet, now in very high demand from bickering power factions. Quickly becoming a kingmaker, the Verin Corporation grew tired of the constant upheaval as power hopefuls, encouraged by the economic distress, vied for power over the planet.

The Corporation, tightening its grip over the planet's resources, established a "New World Order" under its iron fist. Driven by an urge for profit, the Corporation has subsumed the planet's floundering sociopolitical structure and has established a police state on the planet. With the Manifolds back online, the Corporation is turning its interests in generating profit to other planets.

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