Verus Prime Council

The Verus Prime Council

Player: Mark Zimmerman

The Verus Prime Council is set up as a border state for the core world alliance, the systems banded together as the manifolds began to drop away, dependent upon each other to maintain a balance of resources that allowed for some measure of continued prosperity. While technology levels stagnated, it did not suffer the backslide that affected many other worlds farther from the core. As the gates began to open, the system took advantage of the weakened positions of many of the systems needing contact from the core and began to exercise tight control of the manifolds that lead to coreward.

Leadership of the Council is elected by popular vote and the central government maintains a strong cradle to grave social system for it's workers, resulting in a populace that is fiercely nationalistic and proud of their worlds. Military service is compulsory, but it is considered more of an honor than a duty. While there is little for the military to do since the dark times, there is an increasing tendency to find the manifold portals thick with Verus Prime cruisers performing 'courtesy inspections' and taxing trade vessels with 'safety escorts' for their journey coreward.

National Assets:

  • Military Strength:
  • Intelligence Assets:
  • Production Capacity:

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