West Point Trader's Guild


West Point did not fall during the Sundering, but maintained most of it's power. In following years, as many worlds were thrown into a dark age, the people began seperate nations based on the selling and trading of goods, called 'Trade Empires'. These Empires grew in power, trading goods amongst themselves.

This new life style of trading gave way to a new passion for the slowly changing people, as they became almost addicted to trading goods for new things. Their need for better and more made some become con-artists, trying to weasel customers out of a great deal in order to get their hands on newer, shinier things. This explosion of con-artistry didn't stay down in the lower class traders and merchants, but even Trade Emperors fell victim to their lust for more, and many Trade Wars broke out, resulting in much loss.


When the Manafolds re-opened, the Trade Empires of West Point grinned at the idea of trade with other worlds, getting their hands on things that nobody else had was the greatest thought for them. in less than a year, the old Trade Empires united under the Trader's Guild, all of them realizing that it would take everyone's wealth to get to the stars and do what they wanted to do most of all…


The name 'West Point' came obviously from the name of their system, and the Trader's Guild was the name of the form of government formed by the old Trade Empires after they united.


WPTG culture is based on trade. There is nothing more interesting to the Traders than to give away old items that aren't as interesting to them to get their hands on something new and alien to them. The people are also different physically to other humans. The intense sun of their homeworld has given the need for darker skin, and dark gold to red eyes due to the odd color and brightness of it. Adversely, for no apparent reason, The typical hair color matches their odd eye color. No scientific reason has been found so far.

Current Issues

The Trader Navy and the Guild Industrial force is currently working on re-activating the ancient Star Forge and it's Mass Driver systems.


Products and goods creation are strong, as is trading to neighboring systems of Harleach and Shul. Weapon's production is slow, but already, the activated portions of the Star Forge is allowing for minor ship construction, although nothing more than Merchant and cargo frigates.

Foreign Relations

The WPTG is just starting to attempt political relations with neighboring systems and factions, although tade between locals and Trade Empires have already been established on many worlds.


West Point

West Point: A very hot world as bleak and barren as can be. only 30% water, and all food production is performed in large biodomes. It is very advanced compared to many systems.

Government and politics

The Guild Council

There are twelve Trader Empires, all united as one. Each Emperor is part of the Council, that makes every decision for the WPTG. New council members are chosen through bloodline from the previous emperors.


The WPTG only has a few war ships, and they are ancient Republican designs, repatched and brought to life from the reseves found in the Star Forge's docks. The Trade Wars brought about a large warrior caste, which still exists to this day. The warriors joined up to fight so they could fill the need for holding what they liked best: guns. because of this, most Warriors don't use standard weapons, and most are a hodge-podge of technologies, different guns, cannons, and vehicles.


Population total: 14,000,000
Age Structure:

  • 0-14 years: 34%
  • 15-64 years: 51%
  • 65 years and over: 15%

Population Growth Rate:

  • 12.1%

Sex Ratio

  • At birth: 1.1 male(s)/female
  • Under 15 years: 1 male(s)/female
  • 15-64 years: .98 male(s)/female
  • 65 years and over: .93 male(s)/female
  • Total Population: .95 male(s)/female

Life expectancy

  • Total Population: 55 years
  • Male: 43 years
  • Female: 71 years

Literacy Rate : 95 %

  • Singular Noun: Trader, 'a Trader'
  • Plural Noun: Traders, 'they're Traders'
  • Adjective: Trader


  • Official: English
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