XII (Halo)

Player: Jerry

Military Might: Adequate
Intelligence Assets: Anemic
Production Capacity: Strong


XII is a Cybernetic-genetically enhanced human race. While they may look human – much has their DNA been altered for efficiency and function. All Citizens have some form of cybernetic implant in them, and this is used to access devices, communication, and interaction. Their DNA has been altered to allow them to survive on high gravity worlds and be far resistant of disease and viruses.


Those who would venture out to the far reaches of the Galaxy were dedicated scientists, who committed their lives for the growth of knowledge. They made the sacrifice of the greater good – giving up their personal lives and the comforts of the inner galaxy for the mysteries of the Rim worlds. Of the many Science stations out there, one of the best and which help much promise was Research Station 12.

Research Station 12 was unlike many other previous research stations before it. First, there was not only one, but TWO Manifolds in the system. The first manifold was which they came from, thrown form the world of XXX. On the far side of the Solar system there was another. This one was “dark” and had never opened or appeared to be activated. Where there was two was a mysteries, a mysteries that was probably hinted about on the planets below.

Second –there were numerous alien precursor artifacts. Some large, some small, some which were enormous. A virtual holy grail for research scientists. Many of these were beyond comprehension – and it would take decades to just to begin to unravel the slightest of mysteries. On the 4th planet – they seemed most numerous. The largest Artifact found of all was a ring on the planet. The Ring was circular in shape – and spanned over several hundred miles wide. The scientist named the ring and the planet (and later the system) Halo.

Third, this System was unique by its composition of stars and planets. Trinary star systems were uncommon in the galaxy, and what made this more uncommon was the number of planets, asteroids, and stars. The system had 12 planets revolving around a central large star. Two Sister ignited gas giants also orbited the large star, and two asteroid fields were present in the system. Three of the planets were hospital to life, rich with various liquids, though no sentient life was found on them. Six of the other planets were rich in various minerals, and this provided an almost unlimited supply of materials for the base and planet. The remaining three had limited strategic and economic value – but did contain a few artifacts.

The fourth and final reason the system was unique was for the 4th planet of the system. It was Rare. Besides having A Large ring artifact was on the surface, the planet was earth like in that there was an abundance or water and oxygen. Even Rarer still was the size of the planet – it was the similar to the old Sol planet – Saturn. The Large size did produce a strong magnetic field which shielded from solar radiation and had high gravity, so exoskeletons were required on all terrestrial personal.

The station had a large compliment of staff, military (for protection), scientists and support staff to help ensure survival. With each new discovery on the planet – more and more scientists flocked to the world to gaze upon mysteries and technology well beyond the republic. For nearly two decades, the Earth republic studied the ancient monoliths and structures on this world looking to learn its secrets.

During those two decades, Basic factories and Commence began to develop on the planet. Rather being turned into a tourist destination, the military and scientist agreed that this planet should only be for “authorized” personal. The rationale was two fold. One was for security, with so many unknown artifacts – who knows what could happen. Second was for research. Many of these scientist wanted to protect the knowledge until it could be deemed how best it could be used in the republic.

Shortly before the Sundering, about 1 year, there two momentous events which would forever change the colony. One was an energy surge in some of the monoliths. Scientist were almost convinced that many if not all the artifacts were “dead” relics or forever dormant when several on Halo and several other planets started showing signs of life. Wild with anticipation, Scientist immediately asked for back up and resources to study this new phenomenon. Within a week – several military warships arrived with marines and equipment to study and protect the colony. Unknown to the scientist at the time, this was the last of shipments from the republic.

The second event what the discovery of advanced cybernetics by Dr. Richard Nation. Nation was studying some artifacts in an “old City” when suddenly he was transported to another part of the artifact temple he was investigating. Scientist claim that this was around the same time as the “surge” but are unsure if it was coincidence or was activated.

When he awoke part of him was encased in a Cybernetic Skin. Large sheets of smooth soft metal with a keypad and control device on the arm surrounded his legs and arms. What made this different than current republic technology is that he was able to move objects around the room by Thought. Not telekinese but able to access computers, turn off lights, stat machines - it is like he was plugged in to the base. Quickly he spent the next several days investigating all the possibilities of what he could do. His staff quickly learned to replicate this new interface and could also begin to move about with thought. But it had an unintended consequence as well. They could read each others’ minds.

This quickly became overwhelming. Some of the scientists where not ready to experience the life experiences of another person, let alone several and some killed themselves. Others went raving mad - unable to handle the idea of sharing thoughts and emotions. Fortunately for the new “collective”, the dedication and military training paid off and they were able to work in sync and use their shared thoughts as a strength – rather than a distraction.

Dr. Nation quickly realized the benefits of this interface. With shared thought – scientific theories and testing could be accomplished in minutes which would normally take weeks. Long debates on scientific theory that would normally take hours were reduced to seconds. And almost instinctively – scientists worked collaboratively to best solve the mysteries of the artifacts with unheard of efficiency.

The military also saw a great benefit to this. With proper conditioning to the group mind, Military forces could truly act as one unit, execute commands in nano-seconds, and change orders as battle conditions merited. Any loyalty and morale was greatly enhanced due to confidence of the group as a whole. The military began immediately ordering all active duty personal to undergo the “treatment”.

The Sundering

Shortly after the Conversion of the colony was underway, there was a power surge at the active manifold and then nothing. At first it was thought this was temporary problem,

System Information

The Halo System is a Star system with a large white star and two ignited gas giants that orbit the star., The primary star has a diameter of 5,000,987,433,333 Kilometers and is bright with intensity.

The secondary star orbits the Primary Star in first position and is in a stable circular orbit around the primary star. It is of medium size.

The 3rd star is very small and orbits the Primary Star between the 9th and 10th planets. It is a small blue Star.

Halo System is comprised of 12 planets with major colonies being comprised on 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th planets.

Planetary information

The planet of Halo is a large ring world – much on the size and order of 2x earth's size in the Sol system. That planet hosts a dense ice field which form the rings and the planet is orbited by over 12 moons. Some ranging in size of a few hundred kilometers, to others a few thousand kilometers. Dense Cloud Cover provide some covers from the system’s 3 suns, but due to distance from the primary sun – this is more of keeps the planet cool and provides occasional weather patterns.


The planet has a bluish-purple tint in the atmosphere due to the high percentage of Oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Frequent electrical storms spring up around the planet as well as tidal changes due to the orbit of the 2 ignited gas giants around the Primary Star.


The Culture of XII is a society based upon the needs of the collective. While recognition of individual needs and circumstance is allowed – Almost all strive to be in unity with the collective. Selfishness, personal ambition, pride have been culturally and genetically eliminated out of the Gene pool from the collective.

Current Issues

XII are currently expereinces a bit of influx of new ideas and expereinces. With communication of new races, XII are looking for ways to adapt to their changing world.


Command economy, with no sense of capitalistic exchange of currency. All good and series are directed by committee and allowcated to the best needs of the society

Foreign Relations

Government and politics


None. XII system of collective is one of all equals - fairly reminisant of pure communism by Karl Marx.

System Governments

XII have recently set up a government on "the Rim" and eastlablish a large base there. Beta collective has been formed and for all practical purposes independant. However, XII work on a system of needs and the greater good is always served. This sometimes cause local in efficiencies to develop - but workers are resources are often reassigned to mimimize any downtime.


XII have a Strong military with many military bases in their system and fighter craft. They have only just recently begun to construct larger ships for stellar exploration and warfare.

A majority of their military is defensive in nature – with Missile batteries and planetary cannons.

Many of their military equipment follow best practices of over kill and overpowering the enemy.



Age Structure

0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 30%
65 -120 years: 30 %
120 + years: 25 %

Life expectancy

Total Population: 160 years
Male: 155 years
Female: 200 years
Literacy Rate : 100%

American & European

XII almost always speak in the plural form. While they still retain non machine names - outside the collective they only refer to themselves and others as XII.

Official: English
Secondary: Machine Code

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