Yodama Confederation

The Yodama Confederation


Player: Joshua

Military Might: Exceptional
Intelligence Assets: Strong
Production Capacity: Excellent


The Yodama Confederation is a military-based confederation ruled primarily by the Davion Family, native to Yodama Prime. A family of nobles, the Davions took over the planet after the Manifolds ceased operation. Offering continuity and stability after the closing of the manifolds, the Davion Family began annexing all of the Yodama Prime system and placed region after region and colony after colony under its control. The Davions had only recently finished the conquest of their entire home system when the gates resumed working.

Launching exploratory raids with the naval vessels still operational, they quickly assumed control of both adjoining systems. Promptly after control of Nexus and Derelict was achieved, the Davion Family convened the first Confederation Council, with representatives of all worlds of the Confederation being members. Representatives were elected to serve on the Council by the peoples of their home worlds.

Yodama citizens maintain a strong sense of pride in their nation, regardless of their home world, with few notable exceptions. The Yodama Confederation seeks to better all of the worlds within its fold, and is expansionist in its goals. Favoring strength on the battlefield, a strong social hierarchy, and a well developed economy, the Yodama Confederation is on its way to being a major power in the Sphere.

Government and Politics

The Yodama Confederation is a confederation on the surface with definite monarchical underpinnings. Primary executive power lies in the hands of the First Prince, who must be a member of the Davion family. However, legislative power lies in the hands of the Confederation Council. Laws and issues are debated and passed by the Council and then are passed to the First Prince who must approve or veto any bill passed. Control over the military apparatus, a large part of the Yodama machine, is in the hands of the First Prince. In the case of emergencies, the First Prince can claim 'Emergency Powers' for 1 year, after such time, the powers must be continued by a 2/3 vote of the Confederation Council or they are rescinded. During a time of 'Emergency Powers', the First Prince rules by absolute authority. No First Prince since the formation of the Confederation has ever claimed Emergency Powers.

The First Prince is appointed for a term of 5 years, the appointment must be ratified by the Confederation Council and the prospective First Prince must be a member of the Davion family. To ensure a continuation of government, the First Prince appoints a Prime Minister, who must also be ratified by the Confederation Council. Members of the Confederation Council serve 2 year terms, with each world of the Confederation having five representatives. The Prime Minister, also a member of the Davion Family, sits as the presiding chair over the Council but does not vote unless a tie occurs. If there is no member, either due to expansion of the Confederation or death of the member, or other unforeseen issues, the Prime Minister may appoint a temporary member to serve for a 1 year term while an election is being held on the home world. The representative appointed need not be from the world in question, but they usually are. Nations which are allies to or vassals of the Yodama Confederation are welcomed to send one observer to represent them in the Confederation Council. These representatives can vote and have full rights in the Council, except that they cannot vote on issues concerning appointments. They may, however, propose legislation and vote on legislation that is presented.

The Military is the single largest entity of the Confederation government. Spending on defense and military enterprise top all others in the budget of the Confederation, aside from spending on planetary management, exploration, and intelligence operations. While some might see this spending as being inappropriate, the Confederation prides itself on its military and uses their military for non-offensive uses whenever required prompting the spending platform currently employed.


At present the Yodama Confederation has several trade agreements with other powers in the sphere. However, they are always seeking new trade agreements and are open to signing Trade Union agreements with other powers as needed. The Yodama Confederation produces mass quantities of energy through its many solar facilities as well as surplus high technology. It is also a producer of extreme amounts of industrial equipment and raw materials, some being used in the shipyards at Yodama Prime. They also have a strong supply of laborers who do work for the Confederation throughout the Omega Sector.

Foreign Relations

The Yodama Confederation is neutral to nearly all of the powers in the sphere at this time, however, they are uneasy with the recent extensions of the Core Worlds Authority through the reconvening of the Aldermen Council. The Yodama see this as merely a way to lull worlds into a false sense of security so as to reassert Core World authority over other powers. However, they participate actively in the council and have required that their vassals do so as well.

At present, the Yodama Confederation has two vassals, XII and the West Point Traders Guild. Yodama guards these vassals with vigilance and views any attacks made upon them as an attack upon the whole of the Confederation. The Yodama Confederation is openly friendly toward the XII and the West Point Traders Guild.

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